Heaven’s Hell, The Beginning


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Heaven is fast approaching her forties when she realizes she is at the brink of a meltdown. Life has left her angry, hurt, and disillusioned. After failed relationships, filing the final papers to terminate her marriage and in a relationship going downhill fast, Heaven is left to figure out what her pitiful life is all about and its purpose.

Educated, successful, and blessed with charm she is so weary with life that the thought of death is soothing but has been taught she cannot take her life. Raised in a home filled with alcoholism, abuse, and family violence in a neighborhood where it was said that no good thing could generate, her destiny was set. She is forced to live in a world of phantoms: alcohol addiction, violence, defeat and fear at a very early age.
After several years of hell, Heaven’s parents seek religion to save their own lives. For Heaven, however, religion proves to be of no use; but deep down inside, she holds onto a silent belief. A belief that there is something more; that someone can save her—someone and something greater than herself can lift her out of the mire of life she has come to know. And though she will attempt to subconsciously destroy herself and those around her, in her soul, she knows there is a Supreme Power and she is destined for something GREATER. How she will get there she hasn’t a clue.

Heaven’s Hell, The Beginning, the first in a series, is an easy read depicting the effects of domestic and family violence on a young girl’s life. While following the journey of destruction and dramatizing the emotional and psychological damages of abuse and violence, Heaven’s Hell, The Beginning also pronounces spiritual truths while weaving words of healing throughout its pages.

Come quickly – begin the journey!

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